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Deep drawing is a shaping technique in which metal sheets or plates are converted into a seam-free three-dimensional shape under mechanical pressure through plastic deformation. Product with weld-seams also can be deep-drawn. It is a technique which is useful for many types of materials such as steels/ metals and plastics. It is also suitable for manufacturing many different shapes. The process can be performed in hot and in cold processes.
It is even possible to perform this process with oil or air as a kind of male die. The product is formed by full or partly elongation.

The main benefits of deep drawing

There are a lot of benefits of deep drawing. There are multiple reasons why this process is being used often in industries. We would like to discuss the benefits of deep drawing with you:


  • Speed

Deep drawing is one of the fastest ways to reach a specific shape of metal. It is usually the most efficient method when you need a large number of parts.


  • Eliminates some assembly steps

Deep drawing makes sure that metal is formed with closed ends. It avoids the extra need to cut and weld multiple pieces.


  • High accuracy

Deep drawing is one of the most accurate ways to form metal. When you deep draw the steel or metal correctly, they also conform very closely to the drawing.


  • Seamless

Deep drawing makes sure that there are no joins. It makes the process an ideal way for anything that needs to be gas- or watertight.


Deep drawing trainings and masterclasses

Deep drawing has a lot of specific benefits. This makes it a very interesting technique, which we like to share with our customers. In the form of training courses and masterclasses, we would like to share our knowledge about the deep drawing process. In this way we contribute to create a more sustainable future in metalworking.

Interested in this knowledge? Feel free to invite us for discussion or ask for your inhouse training, to learn more about deep drawing and its benefits.