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Flanging is a metalworking method, used in sheet-metal and steel forming, to create the knuckle area of heads/ dished ends as well as the straight face. With the help of a flanging machine, it is possible to form the steel over the knuckle-rollers of disc, cone or spherical cap, to ensure that a connection can be created with a cylindrical shell. Flanging is a process which can be performed cold, at elevated temperature and also hot.

Flanging is not bending

Flanging is very often called bending, but the secret is to avoid bending. Bending only creates more forces on the machine especially the shafts of the knuckle roller and the forming roller. The target is to steer the forming roller parallel to the knuckle roller with a gap of the actual thickness of the material to be formed in between. Keeping exactly the gap in between the two rollers we call GAP-Control. We have developed a mathematical principle to control the distance between both the knuckle roller and the forming roller. We call this the gap-control system. If you are interested to learn more about this feature, please contact us.

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