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Metallurgy is the study of ores, metals, and metal alloys, by looking at their properties and their application in technology. It is mainly being studied to estimate the extent to which metals are strong, hard and elastic. It is very important that the properties of the metals are properly mapped out before they are used in constructions. When metals have insufficient strength, hardness and elasticity, this can have unpleasant consequences for the machines and constructions.

Metallurgy in industries

In manufacturing, metallurgy is a part of the process where a metallurgist checks the suitability of the metal for production use. It is useful to decide the elasticity and plasticity of the metal, which makes the use of it better understandable for various manufacturing processes.

A metallurgist does research before the production process starts, to find balance between material properties, such as weight, cost, strength, hardness, corrosion, and performance at specific temperatures. It is important to create a work environment where the metallurgy process is being done carefully.

Sharing metallurgy studies in our master classes

We would like to share our knowledge about the metallurgy with you. It is a very interesting process which can give more information about metal types, before the production starts. In our training courses and masterclasses, we would like to give more explanation about the process, the benefits, and the application of it. In this way we contribute to create a more sustainable future for manufacturing companies.

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