QC project finished on DEME’s INNOVATION

We performed a QC project for SEC at DEME‘s INNOVATION Jacking Vessel.We enjoyed the cooperation with DEME project managers and SEC inspectors.Thanks to the DEME’s subcontrators.Also I would like to thank DNV-inspectorate and Damen’s Welders.

DSS Webinar a big success

The Duplex Stainless Steel virtual Conference in was a huge success.Raymond organised with Loïc Amadu and Rob Spelt the Welding workshop.The 3 of us also contributed to the ask Dr. Duplex session.If you would like to get details? please do contact us!

Crystallizers at Shenghong Refining & Chemical Co.

From June 2021 till November 2021 we had a project at a chemical site in China to Supervise the installation of 24 PX Crystallizers at Shenghong and for refining and chemical in Lianyungang in order of IV-one/Escher.