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Metal pressing is the creation and forming of a specific shape in metal. This is done by pressing the metal with a pressing tool. It is method which makes it possible to create specific forms, such as bicycle and airplane parts. The reason why it is being used a lot, is because of the fact that this method has a great reliability and a longer service life. The number of items produced through pressing is quite big, which shows how integral they are in the modern life.

The benefits of metal pressing

There are a lot of benefits of metal pressing in industries. This is also the reason why it is a method that is widely used all over the world. We would like to discuss some of the most important benefits of it:


  • Accuracy

Accuracy is extremely important in multiple sectors all over the world. Inaccuracies can have damaging and fatal consequences, destroying the name and reputation of a company. Metal stamping is extremely precise, due to the highly automated fashion. This allows to create high volumes of exact specifications.


  • Cost

The costs of metal pressing is similar to machining costs, but can create more specific, little parts which are difficult to manufacture. It is also an automatic process; less workers are needed so the costs for them are lower as well.


  • Speed

The machining process is faster than comparable methods due to automation. This makes it a fast ROI. Offering speed and accuracy in equal measure is a huge advantage.

Sharing pressing studies in our master classes

In our training courses and master classes, we go deeper into the precise operation and the ultimate results that can be achieved. We would like to share our knowledge about pressing, to contribute to create a more efficient future for manufacturing companies.


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