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Dishing Press

Dishing Press

Technical Data Dishing Press

Max. sheet thicknesses:
Max. pressure6.000 kN
Max. retraction force637 kN
Rapid motion downwards250 mm/sec
Pressing motion downwards  approx.29.8 – 14.4 mm/sec
Idling stroke upwards  approx.281 mm/sec
Max. operating pressure   approx.253 bar
Clear width of frame7.500 mm
Dimensions of table plate1,400 x 1,400 mm
Dimensions of ram clamping plateØ 800 mm
Max. diameter of the flat round7.400 mm

Technical Data Dishing Manipulator

Max. dimensions of the flat round approxØ 7,400 x 35 mm
Min. dimensions of the flat round
with table size 1400 x 1400 mm  approx.2.500 mm
with table size 1200 x 1200 mm approx.2.200 mm
with table size   900 x   900 mm approx.1.950 mm
Max. allowed weight of workpiece  approx.12.000 kg

Technical data – Segment Manipulator

2 semi-gantry cranes with electric chain hoistsfor long plates
load bearing capacity (2 x 6300 kg)12.600 kg
span crane 110.900 mm
span crane 211.800 mm
upper edge crane13.000
crane moving speedfrequency-controlled
rapid40 m/min
slow2 m/min
drive2 x 1.2 kW
equipped with 2 x two-rail-travelling trolleys
trolley movement-speedfrequency-controlled
87 Hz operation
rapid10 m/min
slow2,5 m/min
drive1 x 0.37 kW
1 x 0.09 kW
each with 2 stationary electric chain hoists
hook distance13 mm
lifting speedfrequency-controlled
rapid5,4 m/min
slow 0.5 m/min