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Welding is a fabrication method that joins material parts, mostly metals, together. By using heat, you allow materials to melt together and allowing them to cool, to cause fusion. Welding is a method which looks like techniques such as soldering but works with a higher temperature. With soldering you do not melt metal, welding does. This production method can create a stronger weld-metal, stronger than the parent metal. Stronger than the parent material is the result of using an over-alloyed welding consumable. That makes welding a method that is often found in various industries. Welding however also is a heat-treatment to the base-material and the weld-metal in the layer below. This complexity requires special attention en process-control. Welding can also be performed without adding weld-metal. This also requires special attention, know-how and process-control.

The benefits of welding

Welding materials together has a lot of benefits, when comparing the method with other methods. We would like to discuss a few of them:

  • Strength

In some cases, the welding joint becomes stronger than the parent metal.

  • different materials can be welded together

Welding makes it possible to weld different materials together. Some commonly welded materials are steels, Stainless Steels, and metals as Aluminum Titanium, Zirconium, but also cast iron and casted steels.

  • Can be done in any shape and direction

Welding makes it possible to connect different metals in different shapes and directions. In this way, you can create shapes that are usually more difficult to make.

  • Modification and addition of existing structures is easy

Welding is a technique where extreme heat is being used. It makes it possible to make modifications and additions in an easy way.

  • Simple design

The weld connection gives a smooth appearance and simplicity in design

Welding trainings and master classes

Welding makes it possible to connect different types of materials together. With multiple benefits, it is a technique commonly used in industries. We would like to share our knowledge with you about the welding process and more of its benefits. We go deeper into the technique during our masterclasses and training courses, to contribute to sustainable results for our customers


Interested in one of our courses? Feel free to join our masterclasses, trainings, or workshops to learn more about welding and how you can apply it within your industry.