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Raymond Cordewener



+31 (0) 653 551792

• Graduated as mechanical engineer and is working in the steel industry for 39 years;
• added many studies on metallurgy, metals, welding and management after he graduated;
• had the opportunity to build up expertise in a wide variety of fields;
• Managed several departments and companies;
• Departments like sales, production, R&D, automation, product design;
• is innovative and full of new ideas;
• performs R&D almost on weekly basis;
• reguraly discovers links between phenomena related to Materials &
Heat Treatments &Welding. The large JigSaw puzzle as he named this;
• has learned that craftsmanship is a key-factor in industry;
• understands that the lack of craftsmen requires a high level of automation | robotisation;
• has done business and worked worldwide.

Lydia Oberije

Management Asisstant


+31 (0) 627 650556

• is business partner in CM&C and is working with Raymond over 31 years;
• is ambitious and knows how to get things done;
• is open minded but goal oriented;
• has a tough job making Raymond’s planning work since he is traveling and working a lot;
• is actively involved in many projects;
• is very observant concerning safety and general aspects;
• challenges Raymond’s thoughts on technical issues;
• translates documents/ procedures from- and to Dutch, German and English;
• takes care of all organizing and office automation activities.