Solutions actual

Inspection Services

  • Quality Management [QM]
  • Quality Contol [QC]
  • Quality Inspection [QI]
  • Quality Engineering [QE]
  • Quality Assurance [QA]
  • Quality awareness
  • Production improvement
  • Welding improvement
  • Quality improvement
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Consultancy Services

  • Production Management
  • Materials & Metallurgy |
  • Improving weldability of steels
  • Welding and Welding automation
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Databases for calculations

  • Required disc-dimensions
  • Required deep-drawing force
  • Database for material properties
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Energy & Waste

  • Energy generation and storage
  • Energy savings in furnaces
  • Waste to Energy plants
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Special Projects

  • Recording & playback on press- &
  • flanging- machines.
  • New Development!
    CNC-Pressing instead of Playback.
  • New Development!
    Flanging with GAP-control.
    Tooling design for HOT pressing of petals for any shape.
    Tooling design for Cold pressing.
  • New Development!
    Tool design for Cold pressing of
    Full-width Long plates for Spheres.
    Overlay welding / Cladding.
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  • Calculations | CAD/CAM | Design
  • Material properties
  • Production planning | ERP
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